Investor Forms

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SEBI Circular dt. 17.11.2023 - Non Freezing of Physical Folios
SEBI Circular dated 26 Sep 2023 - Extending timeline for PAN and nomination update
SEBI Circular dt. 16.01.2023 - Modification of Circular dt. 03.11.2021 and 14.12.2021
SEBI Circular dt. 25.01.2022 - Issue of Securities in demat form only
SEBI Circular dt. 14.12.2021 - Clarification of Circular dt.03.11.2021
SEBI Circular dt. 03.11.2021 - KYC Updation Service Request
Form ISR 1
Form ISR 2
Form ISR 3
Form ISR 4
Form ISR 5
Form No SH 13
Form No SH 14

Investor Circulars

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SEBI Circular dated 27th December, 2023 - Extension of timelines for providing 'choice of nomination' in eligible demat accounts and mutual fund folios