An efficient, flexible and responsive supply chain is critical for today’s complex and fast moving automotive manufacturing operation. At Sharda Motor, we provide logistics solutions for the automotive industries that reduce cost while addressing significant challenges.

Objectives of SCM concept

  • RFQ Management
  • Product Sourcing
  • Prototype & Tooling Development
  • Industrial Services
  • Supplier Quality Service
  • Logistics Management Services

Supply Chain - Major Activities

  • Maximize overall value generated
  • Look for sources of revenue & cost
  • Replenishment of material or product whenever required
  • Shortening time to order
  • Fastest speed to market
  • Cost quality improvement
  • Reduce system-wide cost to satisfy service level requirement
  • Great labor efficiency, equipment & space efficiency
  • Provide flexible planning & control mechanism
  • Optimize pre & post production inventory levels
  • More awareness or supply chain dynamics & efficiency
  • Maximize efficiency of distribution side
  • Fulfill customer demand through efficient resources


Sharda Motor strives to converge customer satisfaction with technology thus offering comfort, security, and connectivity. A relentless focus on ensuring Sales growth and Product base growth is defining the mobility of the future. As a global leader in automotive industry, we accelerate transformation with Supplier upgradation.

Work management

  • Commercials - RM quarterly movements
  • Number of amendments per quarter
  • P. O. amendments to suppliers